Planting the Seeds for your Child’s Growth




When your first child is born, often as a parent you wonder where the handbook is that tells you all you need to know to raise them. As much as doctors, authors, and specialists everywhere have been trying for years, there truly is no all-encompassing guide to parenthood.  At bloom, we believe this is because each child is unique, and has their own individual personality and needs.  This makes it impossible to capture all of this in one supposed "handbook".  For this reason we have established a curriculum that can be uniquely applied to each new enrollee.  The curriculum focuses on four core areas of development: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Intellectual and Physical, and incorporates the Illinois Early Learning Standards that are age appropriate.  You see, unlike other child care centers or "Learning Centers", we know that children are not developed on intellect alone.  That is why our S.C.I.P. Curriculum combined with our curriculum has been giving children in the Warrenville area the knowledge and skills they need to get the most out of the primary grades.