S.C.I.P. Curriculum



The positive effects of a successful child care program in the early years of a child’s life have a significant impact later on.  We believe that the core of a successful child care program is a child’s social and emotional development. Before children enter kindergarten, there are many skills that need to be developed in order to excel in this new environment.

 At Bloom Children’s Center, we will help children to learn life skills such as dealing with one’s self by recognizing their emotions and managing their feelings, and working with peers by developing sympathy and empathy while maintaining positive relationships. At Bloom we teach children to work effectively with others by teaching ethics, and applying these in day-to-day situations.

When children interact with each other, they will learn much about themselves, and about how others are similar, and different from them.  We have found that this will make the children more aware of themselves, and others.


Every child will develop at their own pace, regardless of the interactions that we as parents and educators have with them.  There are many things we can do however to help children develop at a faster pace.  Bloom Children’s Center is attentive to children’s cognitive development, by providing the right tools to develop independent of their peers.

Children may never remember their first time seeing a color or understanding what that color was, yet colors are an example of something they are expected to understand as they enter Kindergarten.  This is one of many different concepts that children will need to grasp to keep them on a developmental track as they grow up.  Bloom is here to introduce these concepts, and make sure that they are established in an age appropriate time frame.


Intellectual development is critical because it is something that begins at an early age, and continues to develop over a lifetime.  The first time a child learns to add and subtract using objects is very exciting and rewarding for both the teacher and the parents, but most importantly it is exciting for the child.

When a child learns something new, it is our job at Bloom to make sure that children get excited about their new found skill, and they continue to see the value in learning new things.  We feel that it is the early years in life that children have an opportunity to develop a true passion for learning.

        In the first year of life, babies will double, triple, or even quadruple their size.  This growth rate will never be experience again in a child’s lifetime.  That is why Bloom children’s center puts so much emphasis on the physical development. In the early years, children’s bodies naturally produce an abundance of energy, and it is our job to make sure that their energy is used on focused activities that are developmentally appropriate for their age group.


An all-encompassing health and physical development program can offer great potential for expanding the capacity of a child's body and mind. Good health is directly correlated with the development of mind and body.  Extensive research has established a link between healthy physical development, academic success, and even enhanced contributions to the workplace at a professional level.  The Bloom physical development program covers all the major milestones that children are expected to achieve based on their age-group.  As children progress through the program they are being evaluated to ensure the desired results are being accomplished.